Gulf of Ghayar Gazetteer - updated edition!


An updated version of the Gulf of Ghayar Gazetteer is here! This beefy fan creation Greyhawk sourcebook is great asset for all who adventure in the setting. Huge thanks to everyone helping out on this project!

Author: Crag,

Contributors: Mike ”Mortellan” Bridges (Yellow Cartel), Skip “Sir Xaris” Twitchell (Hydrothermal Vents), Troy “Cannibaal” Alleman (Underwater Atlas).

Editing: Dave “Bubbagump” Coalter, Dennis “Argon” Lovatt, Gary Holian, Paul “Artharn the Cleric” Jurdeczka

Art by: Dan <SMIF> Smith and Adam “unemployed_bullywug” Koca

Cartography: Troy “Cannibaal” Alleman, and Anna B. Meyer

Layout and Design: Lee “Savage Baron” Schaidle, OJ Journal Staff

Special Thanks: OJ Journal Staff For Conceiving The “Beyond the Flanaess” Project

You can download the pdf here: