Encounter Map - Template and Textures


Here comes a first Photoshop template and textures I'm using for  my encounter maps. For those of you who are experienced users of Photoshop this might be too simple, and for those of you with little experience it might be too complicated. Hopefully some of you will find it useful. 

The Sample Map has a little house with an attic and a basement. The different floors are on separate groups and the elements on each floor are in each of those groups.

You can download the files here:

Map Example(379MB): https://annabmeyer.com/Downloads/EncounterMaps/Encouner%20Map%20Example%20%4020px5ft.psd

Map Template(377MB): https://annabmeyer.com/Downloads/EncounterMaps/Encouner%20Map%20Template%20%4020px5ft.psd

Encounter Map Textures(10MB): https://annabmeyer.com/Downloads/EncounterMaps/Encounter%20Textures%201000px%4020px.zip

I will do more work on Twitch and Discord using this template, so if you want to have more information, ask questions or just see how I go about using join the live streams!

Happy New Year!! 🙂