Plot Ideas


On the last Legends & Lore Show we talked about take your Greyhawk Campaign into the future, talking bout different plot lines and campaign ideas. I had a list of ideas for my campaign, and went over them a bit during the show, and here is my list. I hope it can inspire you in coming up with things for your campaigns.

Who will Rise

The competition between parts of the fallen Great Kingdom intensifies, and who will come out on top. United Kingdom of Ahlissa or the North Kingdom. The dark horse in this race might be the Solnor Compact, Nyrond or one the parts of the countries. New constellations of power.


North Kingdom is falling into turmoil, one one side are the Death Knights under their demonic creator against the might of the Hextorians with a full backing of the Nine Hells. An thoroughly evil struggle for power, the Bloodwar is here....

Ineptitude of Greed

Xavener's ambitions is only surpassed by the greed of his Zilchus backers, which is something Ahlissa's rivals are keen to use. Nyrond, Rel Deven and the Iron League are using trade, taxes and a series of diplomatic maneuvers to make the Zilchus realize they are on the loosing side (economically that is). Xavener's response is decisive, immediate and to the point.

Scarlet Revolt

The enslaved masses under the Brotherhood are revolting, and it seems to happen in a multitude of places all at once. Who is behind it? Can it lead to freedom? A region is in turmoil which is an opportunity for some...

A Wild Assault

Turrosh Mak's hold on the Wild Coast is about to be seriously challenged by an unlikely alliance. Celene, Ulek and Greyhawk have decided to plan a simultaneous attack on the Wild Cost.   The agreement stipulates that Greyhawk has the rights to the northern bit including the Dragonnel's tail, Celene the area south of it all the way down to Highport and Ulek as much of the Pomarj Peninsula they can take. The plans are coming together for an assault..

Old Enemies Anew

Iuz rise to power was a plan to challenge Rauxes and bring old power back from the shadows. It both failed and succeeded, the Great Kingdom is no more, but Iuz turned into an enemy of the ones who brought him to power. The Horned Society was for a long time the scourge of the civilized people of the lands of Ferrond, but now their main enemy is Iuz , and new tentative alliances are taking shape. Friendship between Elves Flan and Aerdy descendants have long thrived from Highfolk to Verbobonc, that friendship is now starting to spread...

Iuz needs new henchmen too so he is trying to get Dragotha, Keraptis and others on his side, will he be successful only time will tell....

The Last Bastion

Ekbir's stance as a nation built on fair and rightful principles are more and more being seen as an obstacle by its increasingly scheming neighbours.  Ekbir is seen as weak and as a price to be fought over by its more morally accommodating neighbours. A political gambit with deadly intentions.

As a curiosity a look at Greyhawk in the far future was published in Dragon magazine, read more here: GH2000: