MeyerHawk - Nature of the Divine


Here comes an update and expansion to my take on divinity in my Greyhawk campaign. This covers the mechanics side of things. Its not final, but it covers both Ascending and Emerging Divinity.

I'm using these rules as guidelines when I make up plots, manage divine connections for my characters and npc's, and as an inspiration for religion in mt games.  How are gods created, how do they build strength, manifest, influence and compete. 

What are the vulnerabilities for creatures, new to the divine ranks, who want to gain more power, protects what he has and expand his holdings.  In my campaign that applies to both Iuz, Dragotha, Kyuss and a few others.  One key point are their ability to acquire agents, they can only make a few people into clerics each month. And even finding them and somehow making them wanting to serve, by bribing, luring, threatening or other means making them obey and be dedicated. Go after their clerics are one way of keeping someone like Iuz in check. Dragotha might be a different beast altogether.    

You can get the PDF here: