D&D is 50 - Happy Birthday!!


D&D is now 50 years old and have come a really long way, and today I wanted to honor the fact that it is 50 years since our hobby was first published to the world!

I started playing in the winter of 1979-80 back in Sweden at age 15 and now I live in California and 50 years later I'm still playing and creating for the game. I hope you all feel like me and want to keep playing!

To celebrate this day in style, may I suggest the Royal Menu from my campaigns Needfest celebrations in Critwall:

Royal Menu

First Appetizer

Quale Breast covered in pumpernickel crumbs
Deep fried in butter, seasoned with Hepmonaland peppers


Sornhill Valley Delight from 554 CY
A dry light white wine from the sunny Onnwal , the best year ever.

Second Appetizer

Caviar made from Plated Sturgeon
Fished in deep waters near Admundfort. Salted, bathed in olive oil from Naerie and seasoned with Celenian herbs


Sparkling Ehlenestran Silver Wine
Chilled, and with ice shavings and faerie dust

Bread & Cheese

Dark Pumpernickel, with 8 different Adri Nuts and Heartland Golden Syrup
Thick slices with a jar of syrup on the side

Blue Grayington Velunian Cheese
Sliced and slightly oiled and salted.


Adirole Strong - 578 CY
A brown brave Ulek Port from Gryrax

First Main Course - Fish

Scragholme Salmon
Deep Fried in butter, with oven baked Gold County potatoes with Hepmonaland Hot Seasoning
Smoked, with mashed potatoes and Phostwood herb seasoning
Dived (a mix of salt, sugar and dill), with mashed potatoes and Phostwood herb seasoning


Walthain's Best

A white dry wine from the southern slopes of the Gold County. A lot of the guests thuough that this wine must have been added to the menu due to heavy sponsorship or lack of any other, it too dry and lacks any form of sweetness.

Second Main Course - Meat

Gamboge Boar
Well hung and marinated in Naerie oil and a rich Amedian spice mix, then skewer roasted over a fire made from Dapple Wood timber.


Goldbolt Ruby - 569 CY
An Almorian rich red wine

First Desert

Gensal Winter Apple Pie with Ahlissan Custard
Red crunchy sweet apples chopped and mixed with a bready pie dough made by Eastmarch flour from Urnst, Keoish cinnamon, and ground sweet roots from Enstad. Comes with a Pint of chilled Ahlissan custard made from best of cream and vanilla.


Gensal Cider

Chilled, sweet and strong as always

Second Dessert

Sea Princes Cocoa and Vanilla Ice Cream, with Nuts, Cream and Warm Syrup.
Sweet, fat, rich and veery flavorful ice cream bowl, served with a bowl of crushed Adri nuts, whipped cream and a small can of hot sweet Heartland fudge syrup.


More Gensal Cider

We are in Shield Lands, what else could be served with desert...

Parting Nugget

Fairdells Moon Candy
A small bag of blue candy from Highfolk with a sweet icy smoothing taste.