MeyerHawk - Conjured, Summoned or Called...


Here comes a look at summoning magic. I like to define things while still trying (somehow) to keep them fantasy themed. 3rd edition D&D tried to define the differences between Conjuration, Summoning and Calling spells. Here is my take on that and an effort to set the ground rules for summoning spells.


Created creatures using magic. It is an animated created sprit in the form of a creature.  Conjurations works in places where conjuration magic of the strain used is not suppressed. The creatures can be dispelled and detected as magical creations. New creatures every time with  intellect, INT and WIS that can't be higher than twice the level of the magic. 

Conjured creatures can be injured and killed by means normal for its type. 

Conjured creatures only exists for the duration of the spell, and will have its natural instincts and general abilities and knowledge (up to the level of the magic used to conjure it). Powerful magic can in special circumstances make these creatures persist beyond the duration of the magic that created them. This is one of the way [[Aberrations]] type creatures can be created.


Creature projected in from somewhere else. Contact with the place, or plane, the creature exists is necessary for the spell to work. The creature can be dispelled back to where it came from and the projection destroyed. The creature can't be damaged or killed by normal means, only by using some form of hijacking magic. The same creature can be summoned many times, but only deities with multiple aspects can be summoned to more than one place at the same time. 


Creatures need to be present within the spell range, and then come using their fastest rated movement. The creatures are real and can't be dispelled, but their compelling might. They take damage and die as normal. Creatures who are unwilling are allowed a saving throw to resist the call, but really powerful calls might not allow a saving throw during all circumstances.

These rules have made it necessary for me to rename a few spells. All the 5E "Conjure X" spells are in fact summoning spells. I'm going to create some Conjurations spells, and some more calling spells as well, as well as taking another look at their strains and conduits.