Back from Gary Con - Double Con Crud


Got back from Founders & Lagends and Gary Con. 12 days of travel and convention was a blast and so much fun which lasted until the evening I got home. Then I fumbled my con save and got a severe case of something best described as the fly from the nether planes.

After almost a week I'm starting to feel better again. I had intended to take a few days off to do nothing, but this was maybe a bit too much!

I will be on twitch tomorrow, first Gabbin on LordGosumba at 7pm EDT, and the DarlingCreepshow's Gary Con Aftershow at 9PM EDT.

Next Tuesday April 2nd I will have a seminar on my Twitch at 7PM EDT (4PM PDT). I will go over all the stuff I talked bout at Gary Con and anything else that comes up. so please join and ask questions. Slides and more information will be posted, before the seminar.