Core Rules First Look


Here comes another post about my House Rules project, this time its a look at the d20 resolution mechanics and a characters default features. I base them on D&D5E and Level Up Advanced 5E from EN Publishing.

This post is just a first look at the very basics. There will be follow ups on all of the things covered here in more depth. I'm very new to making rules and writing them, so please bare with me as I gain experience and learn.

You can get the PDF here:

My plans are to have a reference website with all my rules, that both my players and anyone else who want to se them can access them, as well as in PDF and markdown versions. When they are more complete and have gone through more playtesting I'm planning to have them professionally edited, but for now things are in the development phase.

Development have is jumping a bit back and forth between tings, it follows me taking on different aspects of the game I want to tweak. After a deep dive into a specific area I often come back to how to integrate into the rest of the rules. In this case it is a look at the d20 resolution and its modifiers and how a character gains these and a few of its others default features.

This morning I've been writing down ideas around how to tackle dying, resurrection, undeath and what happens to a character after its dead. I have some ideas around that that I'm now trying to put into game mechanics and making them work with my magic rules, senses and my model for fantasy physics. All this while still trying to keep it simple enough to be playable and even fun. My approach is to keep most of the dice rolling and number crunching on the players side, and the need to understand how the world works and how to resolve things more on my (the GM's) side.