Flanaess GIS Ortho Test Map


┬áHere comes a very quick GIS Flanaess map created using orthographic projection, maybe we should call is Oerthographic projection ­čśë

The Scale is 1:16,000,000 and I added the metropolises as well. The icon shading is overdone and should be reduced for a better look, but this map is about testing the feasibility and to see how difficult it is to set up a new map in GIS. This map took me a couple of hours plus some extra time dithering on the icons, and with a style set already made making a new version of this would be very straight forward.

I wasn't sure ortho would work for a map covering the whole Flanaess, but to my surprise it does. For a DM reference map I think it would work. For a stylish fantasy map I need to find a better projection, WGS 84 that I use as a standard is bit to squished N-S, so I need to look into others to find the best that looks like we are used to.

Two grids on this one as well, a black 5 degree georeference grid, and a 500  mile white square distance grid. There is a slight discrepancy between the scale bar and the white grid. This is due to them being calculated using different methods and uses different averages from the map. This map is not detailed enough for that to really matter, if you need more precision, use a better map!

I think it proves the potential of using GIS to create a multitude of maps at various sizes, scales and for different purposes. I'm creating a number CRS's (Coordinate Reference Systems) to go along with my GIS data. Ortho CRS's for setting, regional and country maps, that will be distributed with the Geopackage files containing the map data. The first set of map files will be available in a couple of months, when I have entered all the data.

You can get this map here (5.5MB): https://annabmeyer.com/Downloads/GIS/GIS%20Test%20Map%20-%20Flanaess.jpg