Back to work again!


I hope you all had a great Christmas and got a chance to catch up with family and friends. I had a great couple of days with family and also finally took the time to replace my 14 year old car with a new one. It was out of necessity, the old one was falling apart, and as you well know I've had enough of things falling apart lately!

Today I'm back at my  (still sit down only) desk again working on the Island Project making good progress. Ground texturing pretty much done and a good part of vegetation as well. Water and beaches still need a work over.

The forest is still only conifers the leafy trees are still to be added into the mix. First a look at the texture:

and then the shading:

These two will be properly rendered and then imported into Photoshop for the final touch up and top down map. There will be special posts and videos about that part when I get there in a week or so. Before then there will be basic and advanced posts and videos explaining texturing and forests in World Machine, expect them in a day or two.