How to best celebrate Needfest?


As all us Greyhawk fans I'm getting ready to celebrate Needfest and the new year soon to be upon us, and what better way of doing it that to spend a day working on Lendore Isle!

In a burst of creative ideas I just needed to test a new approach to reuse my Flanaess map as a direct base for a 3D version. This involves (as so much of mapping work) masking, so today have been mostly spent in Photoshop painting white to mask the ocean.

As a source I'm using a 600 dpi version of my Flanaess terrain, instead of the 200 dpi version used in the final map. I which I could have used it for the final Flanaess map but it is a hefty 15.3 GB in size, and with symbols and text it would bring almost any knows PC (personal computer that is) to its knees. So I had to cut it down to a third of the resolution.

As a special Needfest gift I'm going to share the high resolution terrain file with all the Cartographer Level backers for their personal projects.

Patreon Project 2 - Islands are also progressing, did all the forests yesterday and will dig into beaches and water texture in a day or two, after I have made a couple of videos that will be posted here for various backer levels.

How to best celebrate Needfest, well I leave that up to you with a which that your New Year festivities will be wonderful!

I also want to say a special welcome to all our new backers, welcome aboard and thank you so much for your support!