Patreon restart


The Patreon restart is now in effect with a number of changes.

Lets start with the monetary bit. I've changed to a monthly charge instead of per project, to better support a long term goal of mapping the world of Greyhawk all over again. To compensate for being greedy I've adjusted the reward levels to $1, $3 and $5.

The first charge will be on June 1st, so you have until then to adjust your pledge level, or withdraw your support. I hope most of you will decide to change your pledge and stay, but I can understand if you decide not too. To change the set up after only six months and two projects is not what you singed up for.

Those of you who stay will hopefully not regret it, there are lots of content coming. But instead of a few big chunks of it per year expect more of a steady trickle of stuff, most of it will be directly applicable to Greyhawk. Most of it will be usable for your home-brew campaign as well, there will be a non labeled version along with the one with labels.

This year I want to do the following:

  • 2018 Revision of my current Flanaess Map, with more changes that previous years.  
  • Properly placing the subcontinent of the Flanaess of Oerth, as a base for future mapping.
  • Create at least one test area to set the standard for future Flanaess (and Oerth) mapping.
  • Create a much improved map presentation standard.

This will be quite a challenge and require a lot of new thinking, but with your help it can be done!

For those of you who pledge on the Cartographers Level this means there will probably be more advanced stuff to dig into, so for you this is a change but also a plus. Things I know will be covered this year are:

  • Planetary mapping and projections
  • Rivers and Wetlands in World Machine
  • Large area mapping in World Machine
  • Data Flow setup in World Machine
  • Learning Gaea
  • Touch up and Editing in Photoshop including filters and masking
  • A look at Other World Mapper
  • Map Symbols in 2D and 3D

and more!

I have a new campaign I'm working on, and it needs to be mapped, so expect tidbits from a side of my mapping I have rarely shown before.

Thank you all for for your support, and I hope will stay on for more!