Busy Times!


Due to the election and upcoming PatreCon this weekend, there are less time for me to devote to my Patreon and Greyhawk. I'm so sorry for this and hope that you will forgive me for being a bit absent this week. I feel l have to as a permanent resident help a couple of my local candidates get elected. I hope you all do the same, which is as political I want to be, this patreon is not about politics!

PatreoCon is a gettogether where I hope to learn others and be inspired to try and do more, and it is in LA so close enough for me to drive daily. Really looking forward to this!

Today is my Greyhawk Day of the week, and  working on the 2018 Edition. The list of changes grows and there are new heraldry in the making as well. My goal is to have a release candidate done by the end of next week, so you guys plus a select group of Greyhawk experts can scrutinize it for a month to tell me what needs to be fixed. In the meantime I will go over the terrain one more time to touch up the last annoying bits.

This is a screenshot of what I'm working on for the moment, the Hands of Light, a fighting order of Pholtus of the Gran March.

Thank you again for your support!! 🙂