Wrap up with Mysterious Locations in the Barrier Peaks...


 A I was going about placing the locations from WotC's new adventure Lost Laboratory of Kwalish when I saw this..
Seems like there are endless number of special places in the Barriers Peaks.. 😮

This wraps up the development of 2018 Edition!

The Release Candidate will be in your hands, well hard drives at least, tomorrow. You will get a month of exclusive scrutinizing, then it will go on a public release mid December. 

After the holidays when I have had a look at incoming reports of errors, I will create all the various variants of the map, like online 12 parts, Realm Works etc.

This has been a tough slog, but I'm happy with the upgrade 🙂

Big thanks to all my Patrons who make it possible for me to invest serious time and effort into Greyhawk again!!!

The 2018 Edition have drowned out most other activity here, something i'm very well aware of and truly sorry for. Higher tier rewards have been very scarce lately which means that for a while going forward there will be an emphasis on higher tier content. 

Video's and streaming is something I'm setting up for, and co-hosting the Legend & Lore Show for the Greyhawk channel have taught me a lot about  how to do things like this.

Work on the Lendore Isle is also back on the agenda again with a new version of World Machine and a new improved way of doing things.

Those pesky rivers will have another work over...

A deep dive into Photoshop will be the main focus for December with video's, Hemponaland mapping and tips and tricks.

My experimental time will mainly be spent on learning QGIS and Gaea, two new tools in my box that will hopefully make for better maps and more fun making them.

Thank you again for your support!