January Update


I'm sorry to be blunt, but this month will be mostly housekeeping. A new website need to be up and running soon so it will require a lot of work. The other big item this month is to finalize the Flanaess 2018 Edition, it needs to be made into a number of different formats, which will involve a lot of splitting, converting and such.

In my line of work these mundane and rather boring and tedious tasks take up a significant part of my work, a fair warning to anyone doing this. Now to the more creative parts...

Gaea is nearing an initial release and it is time to take a first peak at this new tool. It still lack a few key features I need for it to be useful for my work, but they will hopefully be around fairly soon so it is time to take it for a first spin.

There will be no Hepmonaland content done during January, but I will be working on it so there will be some in depths look at the technique and files so the Cartographers Tier Members can keep up to date with my progress.

More Campaign Sketches are under restoration and will be presented for the Adventurer Tier members along with Campaign Map updates and some other tidbits. 

Twitch schedule is not nailed down yet but regular shows will be starting in January along with Screen Share Sessions for the Cartographer Members.

Thank you again for making this possible!