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Time long overdue for a new update. Working hard to get two big commissions out the door for Kobold Press and Griffonlore Games, so the time to spend on Greyhawk is severely limited. You know me, I can't stay away from my favorite setting for long so now and then I'm getting a little bit […]

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Map Live Stream Tonight @6pm PDT


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Flanaess Handout Maps 1

Do you want to give your characters a map to use "in game" , the these Handout Maps will be a good choice. They cover the whole of the Flanaess in either 1000, 6000 or 17000 pixels and the largest version also comes in bit and pieces covering a number of areas. You can download […]

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Flanaess Full Map 2019 Edition

Here are links to the Final 2019 Edition. I renamed it to 2019 since it should reflect the year its being published. Created special Bitly short links to make the links easier to use and share. http://bit.ly/GH-FlanaessFull598CY-PDF-2019 http://bit.ly/GHFlanaessFull598CY-JPG-2019 http://bit.ly/GH-FlanaessFullHEX598CY-JPG-2019 Easyzoom version: https://easyzoom.com/image/136006 Easyzoom Hexed Version: https://easyzoom.com/image/136005 For those of you who want to make your […]

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Legends & Lore Season 2 Premiere!
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Heraldry Folder

I have all the heraldry from my Flanaess Map, plus a few extra, tucked into one of my Dropbox folders. The collection is 240 strong at the moment! You can find it here: http://bit.ly/GHheraldryfolder

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Welcome to my new website!

Here is the new online hub for my cartography, blogging and also to come, photography. You can reach this site either through http://ghmaps.net or https://annabmeyer.com, the old and trusty ghmaps.net will live on and the new URL are mainly for photography. To make site administration and cost down I decided to keep it all on […]

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January Update

I'm sorry to be blunt, but this month will be mostly housekeeping. A new website need to be up and running soon so it will require a lot of work. The other big item this month is to finalize the Flanaess 2018 Edition, it needs to be made into a number of different formats, which […]

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Needfest Special

Time to kick off the new year with a Needfest Special Map! Made a winter version several years ago and updated it to the use the new terrain in parallel with the new terrain to have it ready without too much extra work, and here it is. It comes in a hexed version as well. […]

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Welcome to my website, the home for my creative endeavours. For the past 20 years I've created cartography for Greyhawk fans,  you can find the result on this website and use in your own games, all for free!
I also do Fantasy Cartography commission work for clients as well. 
If you want to support my Creative Commons project to map the Greyhawk (the original D&D setting) please consider joining my Patreon or Donate using PayPal!
Help me create more Greyhawk maps!
For $1 - $5 per month You Get:
 - Early access to my projects! 
- Tell me what do do!
and more!
Another way to help me create more maps for the Greyhawk Community is to use PayPal.  
- For $20 you will get my early access to all my Greyhawk maps for a year!
 - For $50 you will get source material and all my "How To" stuff as well, for a whole year!
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